4 Stages of Meditation
Everyone has different way of meditation. Every time you will experience new way. If you will try to repeat the same experience, you will stuck. You have unlimited options like different types of soap. First understand, what meditation is. What actually is going on. Be aware of results of different actions. Repeating mistake is not meditation. There are two types of meditation; worldly material; gadgets, cell phone, plants, travel, photography, beauty, sport, success, money, marriage etc. It comes from passion, interest. It has no mental satisfaction but it is necessary. It is kindergarten, nursery, basic conditioning, childhood programming. Even if you don't like the job but you work hard and become successful. Now you are qualified for next level of meditation. This is practice of conquering body and senses. Work on your body, not only work from body. This is like service and maintenance. Understand needs of your body; flexibility, strengthening, diet, senses (2nd stage). Spirituality, peace of mind are next post graduate stages. Mind (feelings, emotions, thoughts); first understand and then control. First learn to drive the car then control, the next level. Every problem has solution within. We, only focus on solution, not on problem. You cannot find answer from outside. Why mind is restless, answer is within. We have to stay with that situation. We hassle to get out of the situation; Ayurveda (permanent solution) vs. Allopathy (temporary). Ill thoughts relate with mind restlessness. Stay with sensation and understand, you will find the solution. If two hands touch and we get some sensation. We speak to ourselves. Focus and taking action bear some results. After completing the degree, resume writing, finding the job and then salary. Knowing is not enough, you have to take action for some results. Diet, health problems need some action. On mind level, no need to do anything, no practice, no exercise. Only understanding of the mind is enough to control the mind. Mind and monster is same. Monster means past, memory, future. Living in present moment means physical (no memory), only understanding. Everyone in this world is fighting with mind. Mind (thoughts, thinking, self-talk) doesn't exist. Brain exists, yes. We all are fighting with non-existing monster. Energy and interest can help you. You can increase chances of your success. Once you will achieve the item of your interest, you will see that's nothing. Now your focus will change. Achievement is the real way to change the thinking. Not just thinking, it will trap you forever. Now your interest is different. Grass always remains greener on the opposite side! Door (far) ke dhol suhaane. Marriage; before and after different views. After understanding; mind follow you, it doesn't lead you. No need to fight monster. Monster doesn't exist. You will get freedom after understanding. Who am I; is the final stage. Who I'm not; we get rid of that. This becomes belief, self-talk. Now peace is here. This is experience level, not only on intellectual level. This is absolute, permanent peace of mind. 

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