How Prayers Help
Prayers, humbleness, long-term planning work as projectile take-off. There is difference between fully prepared brick and half baked brick. Humiliation, insulting and short-tempering need to be tolerated. Following the people and fearing from people is another epidemic (disease). Try most and then trust in the Creator is most effective policy. Don't mind odds and averages in life. Duffer and more intellect face more problems. Average people have the better life. No need to pray for limited things. Leave on Him as per His Discretion (Will).

Teri Dua Se Qaza To Badal Nahin Sakti

Magar Hai Iss Se Ye Mumkin Ke Tu Badal Jaye
Your destiny can’t be changed though prayers; 
Maybe you are changed thereby.

Prayer Quotes
"Have you ever said, 'Well, all we can do now is pray?' ...When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God."
"Pray briefly when in a crowd; pray a little longer when with friends; and pray all night when alone. Many of us do the reverse."
"God continues to answer the prayers of His people even after He has taken them to heaven. Never forget that God isn’t bound by time the way we are. We see only the present moment; God sees everything. We see only part of what He is doing; He sees it all. "
"Every day has exactly 1, 440 minutes; can't you find even 17 of them to be with your God? Doesn't God deserve the best minutes of our day?"
"In the morning, prayer is the key that opens to us the treasures of God's mercies and blessings; in the daytime and evening, it is the key that shuts us up under his protection and safeguard."
"True prayer is a way of life, not just for use in cases of emergency. Make it a habit, and when the need arises you will be in practice."

Dr Masoom Abidi Inaugurates Hawkesbury, ON, Project of ZNB Builders

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