How to Live Happily?

The life style we are living is a dream life style for a big number of less fortune people. We are not concerned about death, we are only concerned about death of our dear ones. No one of us is worried about, what is the future of deceased one. Everyone expresses, what he will do after death of his dear one. 
The root cause of concern is not death, is how I am affected by his death. Misalignment in thinking causes us sad. We try to fight with the situation and try to change it. We blame someone as cause of our sadness; boss, peer, parents, spouse. The reality is that we are unhappy due to our thinking. This small shift in our thinking can change a lot. 
Let take one step more; thinking (friend, nature) alone is not cause of sadness. Thinking misaligned with reality make us sad. The more the gap, the more severe the sadness. Kids' nature; naughty, disobedient. The less the gap between reality and expectation, the less the sadness. Death is a reality. Everything in this world is temporary. No one can challenge this reality. 
Very common complaint is that one has changed. Change is a reality. Our expectation of 'not change' is not realistic. We have to sincerely review our belief in death. We are very clear about the importance of money. So we try utmost to earn. If our actions are based on reward and punishment then its only animal behavior. 
Water boiled and finished. Water changed its state. Everything in this world is changing state. Death is only change of state. Pondering on basics of life can sharpen our mind. Realization; who I am. Reality is simple. Truth is simple. Lie is complicated. Analyzing and questioning will make you bold. 70% of human body is water. Clarity (sharp) of mind is opposite to dull mind (confused). 
Bubble is water, our body is water. Then everywhere, there is water, I'm there. If bubble thinks that it exists; it's not not reality. Reality is that bubble is water. If bubble confuses itself that he is something different than water, it will not be real. Same is about clouds. Recognition of reality makes eternal. We avoid truth, crave for falseness. If there is bubble or not, it makes no difference to water. Attachments, relationships and feelings are natural. You you hand hand (tu tu main main) is base of conflict. These are bubbles straining with each other; here is comparison, competition. I, I, I, my, my, my, me, me, me, me (control, dominance, occupy). This is all language of bubbles and it's sign of detachment from water. Rainbow (seven colors or even more) is a reflection. Yellow color is struggling to become green. All is light. What is this going on. Same is this bubble. I'm big bubble. Next to me is small bubble. Which color is superior? Water will never fight with bubble. Bubbles will compete with each other. 
Same is light; light has not problem with colors (rainbow). Colors have some competition between each other. When we were child, we were same (naughty, disobedient). Now as old, we become big bubble. 
The life is not so simple. We have to take the control. We have to fight, what is right. We have to check the corruption, injustice. The problem is; we are stuck on concept level, we have to take action. We have to learn the things step-by-step, and move forward. We have to experience every moment. Our body is permanent but our inner is changing every moment. We have to realize it. Bubble and water has no distance. If bubble is looking water everywhere, then it's reality. This is self realization of bubble. If bubble is looking all around other than water then it will be a different thinking (falsehood).

Lubhata Hai Dil Ko Kalam-E-Khateeb
Magar Lazzat-E-Shauq Se Be-Naseeb!
The preacher’s sermon may beguile your heart,
But there is no sincerity, no warmth in it.

Dr Masoom Abidi Inaugurates Hawkesbury, ON, Project of ZNB Builders

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