Leading a Stress Free Life - Enjoy The Journey
Think about the game 'Connect the Dots' puzzle. When we were young, how we were enjoying it. Connecting the dots, coloring it and there was no stress. With the passage of time, we use our creativity and change the shape of painting. How coloring and painting works. The painter paints, moves for a distance, observes, changes the theme of painting little by little, step by step. Believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart. Don't miss the joy of joining dots. Learn, teach, contribute, engage, involve in life. Creativity, inventiveness, mental agility, vision, imagination, inspiration changes and works by the time. Enjoying the present moment is the right strategy to leave great past and to structure promising future. Stepping out of the box [Learn the art of looking at things which are close to you as they are far and looking at the things that are far from you as they are close] - a Japanese quote. Don't get so stressed about future that enjoyment of present moment fades (gradually grow faint and disappear). We are created to perform the best and the best performance is not achievable with stress and depression. Don't lose the great moments of life for nothing. Learn to live life to the fullest personal excellence.

Apni Dunya Ap Paida Kar Agar Zindon Mein Hai
Sirr-E-Adam Hai, Zameer-E-Kun Fikan Hai Zindagi

If you are among the living, fashion your own world; Life is the secret of Adam, the essence of the words Be and it was!


Apne Mann Mein Doob Kar Pa Ja Suragh-E-Zindagi
Tu Agar Mera Nahin Banta Na Bann, Apna To Bann

Delve into your soul and there seek our life’s buried tracks; Will you not be mine? then be not mine, be your own right!

Dr Masoom Abidi Inaugurates Hawkesbury, ON, Project of ZNB Builders

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