Learning Vs Overthinking (Part 4 of 4)

What is root cause of overthinking; past and future time (psychological). Not physical time, this is psychological time. Physical time doesn't exist. Past is memory. We cannot make free ourselves from past and future. The deal is not to get trapped too much in past and future. Peaceful mind works better than puzzled and confused. If someone tells us that we are wrong or we remember our past when we were wrong, we get angry. There is no answer to the past events. Evil eye worked etc etc. Business failed, relationship broke. Unnecessarily working on dead bodies. Ask yourself; what I learnt from my mistake. If learnt, then it was great; best or worst in both cases. Whenever you are not learning; is overthinking. Learning is the real tool. Making your position better and better. Overthinking is related with emotions. Mind your actions; not moved by emotions. You were spending on relationship, money spent out and relationships were over. Now I'm growing without spending on relationships. Learning frees you from memory of overthinking.
Future is unknown; there are two reasons to get trapped in future; overestimate or underestimate. When we involve in fight with someone; less than 1% actually happens what we think about. We magnify the situation (overestimate). 2-3 hours cell phone use daily (underestimate). We don't realize what we are doing with our time for next 2-3 years. Daily 3-4 hour use of phone; how it is affecting our body and health. Our muscles become stiff and proper blood supply stops. This results into lack of energy which becomes cause of laziness. We can counter it with exercise. In future when you are dreaming things, you will become old at that time. Health will become low and low. What will have you to enjoy! Make habit to actually assess the things. Find reasons and plan how to counter the shortcomings. Laziness and lack of energy have reasons behind.
Make health your priority #1. A healthy mind in a healthy body, translate it in your life. Beware of dangers of compromising life. Fear of change will increase day by day. Make your present more and more useful. It will leave better memories for you and will generate great energy for future. Life is changing every moment. Make every moment of your life.

Tere Deen-O-Adab Se Aa Rahi Hai Boo’ay Ruhbani
Ye Hai Marne Wali Ummaton Ka Alam-E-Peeri
Thy religion and literature both smell of renunciation:
symbol of old age of dying nations.
When someone is mean, don’t listen. When someone is rude, walk away. When someone tries to put you down, stay firm. Don’t let someone else’s bad behavior destroy your inner peace.


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