How To Find Happiness; Books Mentioned: “Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People”
10 steps learning; # 1 Chart of happiness; our general concept; happiness comes with big vacation once a year or big blow out things once every month. We miss to realize that happiness comes with very very small moments everyday. We need to save those moments. Exercise; for next few days, make a list of every tiny work you do in routine life; making a cup of coffee, running, cooking, laundry, taking a view from window etc. Now rank each of those things; how happy they make you. Take happiness as content with life. These small things can provide us contentment with life. Write down the time spent on each of these activities; this is happy math. In the start, it looks odd but by the time you will learn how it will add to your happiness. 
You will find some moments of happiness and at the same time some moments of unhappiness. Human life is composed of like that. 
Gradually we can tune complaining attitude into gratitude totem. Like red light by my house everyday stops me and I'm yelling, cursing this red light. It was awful 1.5 minutes everyday in my life. But now after analyzing what gratitude totem is; I'm enjoying all red lights including by my house. Now I'm spending this 1.5 minute time on each red light to ponder on privileges I've in my life. This is a great flip I've made.

Har Dardmand Dil Ko Rona Mera Rula De
Behosh Jo Pare Hain, Shaid Inhain Jaga De
May every compassionate heart weeping with me be
Perhaps it may awaken those who may unconscious be

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