Akele Mast Rehna Seekho
Wisdom or stupidity; a person who is satisfied from inside and vice versa. Stupidity is to run the race of life following others and false conditioning and postponing the happiness. This course of life has no happiness at any level. It is possible to develop a personality that all smile and sadness be superficial with fully satisfied inner. Problem is here; we don't focus on what we have, we are running for what we don't have as a result of false conditioning and to show the muscle to the world. Be noted that you cannot satisfy the world and in this race you lose your personality very easily. Once we achieve that 'goal', then we come to know that it was nothing. What we have is much more than what we are striving for. Until we get what we want, we get deprived of many things; health, beloved ones (most of the time). Look at apex of your dream career. Compare your health condition with most successful people at the apex of that career line. Health has very close connection with happiness. Take health No 1 priority. Parents; when we lose them (relationship). Career means money without personal satisfaction is full of stupidity. Thanking what we have is the best approach which we can find very rare all around. The thanking attitude will help you a lot. The prayer to the Creator for what we have and accepting the things 'as is' will help a lot. Changing the nature is not easy. But we can focus on positive attributes (traits). Thanks to the Creator, universe. Don't make it routine. Routine drives to boredom. Real gratitude has great value. Understanding this wisdom is real and ignoring it is stupidity. Degree, graduation, job, peer politics, problems - no limit. Love with what we have. Feeling of thankfulness in each and every moment of life. Thank for this body (eyes, ears), we have. We cannot do anything without this body. Repetitive utterance (tasbeeh) of thankfulness is the height of peacefulness.

Dr Masoom Abidi Inaugurates Hawkesbury, ON, Project of ZNB Builders

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