Stay Focused or Be Creative

Stay focused is not possible for human being. As a human we have creativity, ideas, distraction. Its OK to go off-track once in a while. But have to cultivate a mechanism which can bring us back on track. Growing strong awareness will provide you drive for this mechanism e.g, learning good communication skills. Setting priorities is the first step and then be honest with your decisions. Its like GPS in our phones. Let the GPS of our inner work. Some of us remove the battery of inner GPS. Spend some time with yourself and also mentors can help us. We as human are driven by two forces - pull (attraction) and push (repulsion). Push force is not very effective. Pull force is inner vision. All successful people share their experiences about this inner vision. Focus on the receptive, collaborative people. Stay away from negatives as they are more harmful than cobra snake. Now, with this thinking, You have been changed. your vision is more clear. Your demands of life have been changed. Everyday spend sometime on exercise of visualizing the goal, the future; the yourself. Make yourself habitual of seeing yourself healthy, great, generous, contributor. Only human have the ability to project and visualize themselves; animals not. Animals don't have emotional thoughts. Animals are hardwired by nature. Human mind has creativity.
Aik Soorat Par Nahin Rehta Kisi Shay Ko Qarar
Zauq-e-Jiddat Se Hai Tarkeeb-e-Mazaj-e-Rozgar
Nothing stays the same without change
The universe’ nature is made of change

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