Ultimate Attitude

What is attitude, can we change our attitude with exercises? What difference it will make while we successfully change our attitude? Is attitude, ego; unalterable; are same or have different meanings? 
Attitude; is character, viewpoint, approach, mind-set, opinion, perspective, philosophy. It would be positive or negative. Success and failure rely on attitude. Environment, friends, family, parents and self; develop attitude combined. Attitude can be learned and modified. Will and motivation are helpful in this regard. Where you focus and overlook, it makes your attitude. Eagle is a different nature bird. It doesn't make nest and shelter for bad weather and storms. It flies above clouds in storms. Same way; lion is different nature animal. It doesn't fear from even elephant. He considers all animals as his food. Apparently these two examples of eagle and lion don't have any relationship with attitude. It is their nature. Lion's ventures can never be justified by logic. It comes under insensibility and silliness. Sometimes this king of the king gets very big stabs in its attempts. You can find this big king running from the battle. This is their nature and not attitude at all.
Let us come back to human who controls all these animals, skies and nature to learn attitude. For attitude learning let's knock the door of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Talloot and Jaloot battle, Hazrat Yousuf (AS) and Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his close ones. Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal, Dr AQ Khan, Imran Khan. How death conquers the sword in Karbla, battle of Uhud, Badr, Khandaq (Trench). Sparrows, eagles, or Hare, the Lion. Attitude is here, it worked. Please help me to list more examples. 

Utha Saqiya Parda Iss Raaz Se
Lara De Mamoole Ko Shahbaz Se
Come lift the veil off mysteries,
And make a mere wagtail take eagles on.

Dr Masoom Abidi Inaugurates Hawkesbury, ON, Project of ZNB Builders

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