Reprogram Your Mind 
Our mind is like a computer. How we program it is the way it’s going to function. You can have the most powerful computer ever made, the latest and fastest model, with the maximum amount of memory available, but if you put the wrong software in it, it’s not going to function as it was designed. 
We’ve all had to deal with computer viruses. They can get into a perfectly good computer and start to contaminate the software. Before long the computer is slow, then you can’t access your files. None of these problems occur because it’s defective or poorly made. 
The computer’s hardware is fine. It’s because somebody reprogrammed the software. Somehow the insides got messed up. Now the software is contaminated. 
In a similar way, when God created us, He stepped back and said, “Another masterpiece.” Your hardware is perfect. You’re the right size, the right nationality, and you have the right gifts. Not only that, God put the right software in you. From the very beginning, He programmed you to be victorious, healthy, strong, and creative. He programmed, “Whatever you touch will prosper and succeed.” He programmed, “You are the head and not the tail. You will lend and not borrow. You are a victor and not a victim.” You were programmed to live an abundant, victorious, faith-filled life. That’s how your Creator designed you. 
The reason we don’t always experience this abundant life is that we’ve allowed viruses to contaminate our software. 
We say to ourselves, “I’ll never be successful. I’m not that talented.” “I’ll never break this addiction. I’ve had it too long.” “I’m slow, clumsy (awkward in movement or in handling things), and unattractive. Nothing good is in my future.” Because our software is infected, we go around with low self-esteem, we’re negative, we don’t believe our dreams will come to pass, and we don’t expect problems to turn around. 
You were programmed to live an abundant, victorious, faith-filled life. 
The reality is; there is nothing wrong with you. Like that computer, you’re not a mistake. You’re not defective or faulty. The problem is in your software. You have to get rid of the viruses. 
All through the day, dwell on what your Creator says about you. “I’m blessed. I’m strong. I’m healthy. I’m confident. I’m attractive. I’m valuable. I’m victorious.” 
You have to get back to your original software. If your thinking is limited, your life will be limited. When you think better, you’ll live better. 

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