An Advice
All the daytime we practice distracting our mind. With practice, after 6 months your mind would be well trained jumping from one object to another. After 1 year, 2 year .... you will be expert in mind distraction because you are practicing a lot. Same would work in opposite direction with practice. Start making habit; doing one thing at a time. Start paying undivided attention to whom you speak, the work you do. In this way, you will complete 10 minutes talk in 2 minutes and it's time saving. For concentration and focus; practice 24x7. Integrate it into everything what you do in life. Look at the routine of Olympic Sprinters. They practice, exercise a lot. They eat right kind of food, take sufficient water, vitamins. They prepare themselves for 9-10 seconds. They schedule their 24 hours and then follow the discipline. Not other way around. 2 minutes meditation or practice cannot be compared with 23 hours and 58 minutes routine life (full of distraction). Mind in routine is exercising for not concentrating and only jumping. Be deep observer and in this way you will become quick observer and you will solve problems quicker. It's a wonderful feeling. We have to cultivate and develop our will power. Finish what you begin. Finish well beyond your expectation. Do a little bit more what you think you can do. It need to put more effort in this course. You need tremendous amount of will. Once you develop will, you can apply anywhere. Do one thing at a time, complete start to an end. Best way to develop; apply in everything what you do. 

Kyun Giraftar-e-Tilism-e-Haich Maqdari Hai Tu
Dekh To Poushida Tujh Mein Shoukat-e-Toofan Bhi Hai
Why are you imprisoned in the spell of poor resources
Just look, concealed in you is also the storm’s power!

He who understands humanity seeks solitude (loneliness, isolation) - Imam Ali (AS)

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