Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How We Are Programmed At Birth (An Eye Opening Fact)
Once programmed, that information would inevitably influence 95 percent of that individual’s behavior for the rest of his or her life. This is first 7 years of life. Child has lower vibration in consciousness (imagination and hypnosis). Nature has designed this time for programming for rest of the life. Child watches parents, siblings and community. Then unconscious mind works for the whole life. If one has learned from environment that life is struggle, things are hard; 95% of the day will sabotage the self. Now left over 5%, we can use creative. First 7 year is programming period and it controls 95% with its subconscious context. The rest 5% is the conscious realm. (Matrix movie and Rich Dad Poor Dad book).
First Step; Recognize where you struggle, work hard, putting effort in it. Inevitably subconscious is not supporting that area of struggling.Overwrite your programming. 
Second Step; Put new program into your subconscious mind. The conscious mind is creative. It learns many ways. 
Subconscious mind learns in two ways. Hypnosis (for first 7 years). Repetition (practice). Driving, alphabet. Fake it, till you make it. I’m happy. Affirmations work. Gratitude, journal. We do daily, we make it habit. Repetitive. Repetition is a habit. Religiously repeating. 

Success Habits (www.dgwebcast.com
1) Foundation / Habits (to do list, not to do list); prioritize, clarity, encounter negative people; 36 habits / rules.
2) Attraction / Persuasion (Point of View); enthusiasm.
3) Income Vehicle.

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