Challenges Make You Bigger
Small man by overcoming difficulties gets height. Larva from egg makes healthy butterfly. Chicken same case. The narrow the opening, the more healthy the new born. Zoo lion and lion in the forest are different in strength. Prophets, reformers faced difficulties and karblas. Hazrat Yousuf AS's life full of challenges; brother's jealousy, prison. These are all steps to completion. A blind sitting out of a Saint's grave. The king gave him chance to beg for eyes otherwise he would be killed after a while and he got his eyes. Awakened people are never unlucky. Pain and challenge prepares you no sleep. Access to king has a different taste. Once you came to know that He is all-hearing, all-seeing, that sense has no comparison. Great people came out from hardships and difficulties. Life-changing realization provides you the ability of more joy, a greater sense of fulfillment, deeper relationships, increased energy and more passion for life. Realization of deprivation teaches you the living techniques. When we have blessings, it's not easy to value them and also not easy to realize the situation of less blessed people. It's a myth and misconception that dreams is the activity of resourceful times. The reality is that the best dreams emerged in hard times. Epidemics caused invention of medicine. The pain of walking long distances resulted the invention of transportation resources. Baker's son and poor kids passing Microsoft exams. Hardship of the situation teaches you the life lessons.

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