Communication is an Art
Language is not obstacle. Communication is an art. It can be learned, developed. We make mistake (misconception); we learn words from dictionary and try to insert wherever we see possibility to impress the people. Practice in your own language; eye contact, tone control, be proactive. Side by side; make journal, take notes, keep notebook, note and practice difficult words. Train your brain on different fronts. Increase your reading (the average CEO is reading four or five books per month, 60 books per year; average person read 5–8 books per year), writing, watching other good communicators, listening audios. Communication is an art, just like muscles, it can be developed. Communication works for those who have worked at it. Work hard and then see the results. Use the law of paying the price. If you want something, you must pay the price. Nothing is free. Quality clothing, lodging, belongings; you need more price to pat. No matter; how much rich you are; you have to do your push-ups by yourself. Learn to do your own push-ups. To learn any skill (communication); you need effort, time, hard work, good role models. Listen to news reporters, good journalists, good politicians. How to influence the crowd - learn it. Words are only 7% of the entire communication of one person to another. Body language, visual, auditory, body posture, tone of sound; have big part. Learning skills benefit you a lot. You need to learn how to express your ideas. Remove mental block. No body born successful. They learned. Use otherwise lose. Use more and develop more. When you get nervous, be brave, be courageous. Practice will make you more confident. The more you do, the more comfortable you get. The best way is to make yourself uncomfortable. Deal and work in and with uncomfortable situations. Remaining in comfort zone and doing the same routine practice; you will get the same results. 
Khuda ne aaj tak us qaum ki haalat nahiin badli
Na ho jisko khyaal aap apni haalat ke badalne ka.
God has never changed the destiny of a nation that is not bothered about its fate.

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