Energy in Abundance
Every two minutes, the energy reaching the earth from the sun is equivalent to the whole annual energy use of humanity. All the energy … the cars, lighting, and air conditioning of the world … in one year is equivalent to two minutes of the sun. People’s behavioural change and adopting energy-efficient technologies can minimise energy consumption and is need of the time to deal with the growing energy demand.
Though most people want a life of success and happiness most are unwilling to pay the price to have it. Instead they are led astray from the true pursuit of success and happiness, seeking an easier way. On the path to success and happiness there are no shortcuts. It takes a lifetime of effort and dedication to the most important thing in life, making one's life the best it can possibly be.
Concept of bridge; an idea of business worth millions of dollars (connecting people to other people). Bridge the prospects to local businesses. Holding the leads' hand and connecting to the business. It needs only training and skills which can be learned and master and worth of it is not less than millions of dollars in actual. In the start you need not much time.
Haqiqat Aik Hai Har Shay Ki, Khaki Ho Ke Noori Ho
Lahoo Khursheed Ka Tapake Agar Zarre Ka Dil Cheerain
There is one reality for everything, be it of earth or fire; The blood of the sun will drip, of we split the heart of an atom.

A Glimpse of Activities

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