Focus Saves Your Time
Power of focusing saves our time. On average we waste 4-6 hours on daily basis (20-25 hours a week, 100 hours a month, $50k a year; an average salary) by doing what we are not supposed to do. The successful people are not addicted to waste their time on unimportant routine activities. They schedule their day for the tasks which really matter to them. They are not doing fake work. They are doing real work. There are ways you can make yourself 20 times more efficient. You have to take control of yourself. Detach yourself from judgmental comments, irrelevant approvals from family, friends. It needs a lot of struggle but without it you will end up unhappy results. Figure out what you want to do in life. Invest your best hour in best activities. Quarantine yourself from wasting time in non-productive social media watching (commentary on TV show which you watch last night, chit-chat). Morning hours are the best time for focusing. That's will power time, show time, energy time. Start your day by spending the first 90 minutes on your most important task. Recognize your inner potential and make optimized use of it. It's better self-esteem. If something is not working for you, do something else. Install some distraction free labs in your mind. Stop distractions. Stop doing things which you know are wrong and you can stop them. It would need a little attempt. You may know or you should know or try to know; the things which are not in your best interest; stop doing. Encourage yourself to adopt thinking protocol of being a minimalist. Apply; focus, focus, focus. Invest your energy, focus on few things and be world class.

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