Fulfill Your Dreams
Dreams will be fulfilled after overcoming the fear. Fear of rejection, being ignored, laughed at. We are conditioned to get approval of other people in everything - our clothing, speaking etc. Change this habit - I know better what I'm doing. I can and I am. Before any presentation there is a state of anxiety, very common. In theatre or on stage, only you know that you forget something, audience don't. You are your teacher, judge. You have to overcome your own weaknesses. This is an art. Mistakes are made by anyone. Encounter is, that admit your mistake. It gives chance of regaining and development of energy. Practice gives you a lot of ideas. You can make connection with audience with one sentence. 'Ice Breaker' sentence is needed for public speaking or presentation. The voice, the way you start up, a quote, an event, an incident; first line depicts your personality. Breaking the idea; changing the system needs either you be the system or you be in the system. When we talk to some English person, we talk in English. It's not our dress; it's mind and heart that works. People will always comment; so never worry about what people say. The important is how we develop ourselves within. Self awareness need to be very strong. Every personality has some uniqueness; memory, smile, analyzing sense - are unique selling point (USP) - find it. Beautilise with the words.  Learn to play with the words. World war I started (broke out) in 1914. Use word synonyms (don't repeat), creative writing, words, quotes. Make your story. Strong belief what you want to prove is important. Learn from quotes. Inspire with smile, I'm sorry, while some mistake made. Now you are free. Create your own impact. Try to write different line for yourself. I'm a motivational speaker, actor, activist, poet, writer, artist, painter, analyst; amalgamation makes personality. When it is mixed with experience, it is Public Speaking. Film success bases on; Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment. Public Speaking success bases on; Practice, Practice, Practice. Evolution of Public Speaking; starts from writing down, then points, then maestro. Standing posture on rostem is fear. Don't hide behind the rostem. Don't recline, rest on anything. Words are your weapons. Add value to the lives of your listeners. Communication - is (KISS), Keep It Short and Simple; to the point, lengthening will give more chances of mistake. Make your speech interactive, not one sided. Generate some activity for audience. 

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