Self Improvement
1.01 and 0.99 looks not a big difference. But (1.01 and 0.99) 365 times = (37. 8 and 0.03) is a big difference. There is a big difference between going beyond what is required and less than what is required. Marginal improvement makes huge impact. Formula; People with whom you spend most of your time and which books you read; influence the results. Bill Gates reads 80+ books a year (in 10 years 800-900 books). 30 minutes a day; read a book. It makes huge difference.

Shake off the doubt. Shake off the discouragement. Have a new perspective. 
Change your words, Change your life. 
There are people God has ordained (appointed) to come across our path to help us fulfill our destiny. People that inspire us, encourage us, make us better. The right people have already been lined up.
God's favor is not just with you on the mountain tops; He’s with you in the valleys. God is concerned about what concerns you.
Don’t live stressed out over other people’s poor choices. You have a destiny to fulfill. You need your energy, your strength, your creativity to be who you were created to be.
Quit being unhappy over somebody that walked away. If they left you, their time was up. Step into the new season.

Your gift may seem insignificant, but when you release it, God will multiply it. He will multiply your talent, your influence, your resources. 
Life is short. Stir up what God put in you. Make the most of this day. Don’t let fear of failure, fear of what people are going to think, fear of being criticized hold you back.
When thoughts tell you, “It’s never going to change, it’s been too long," know that God is still on the throne. Your time is coming. You've been armed with strength for this battle.
It’s very freeing when you turn things over to God. You’re not supposed to go through life weighed down by worry, stress, anxiety. Start lightening your load. Go back to the still waters.

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