Peaceful Mind Tips
When we are broken; travel, game, phone call, playing with kids, movies, motivational video; align the frequency of thoughts temporarily. Mentally involve in some pleasant activity. All are temporary solutions with side effects. The problem is that mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality. Dreams are an example. Dream is an imagination, effects are real. What we think is dream, effects are real. We wake up from dream and all the scene goes away. Exactly same is the case of thoughts. Am I totally devastated or I’m just thinking like that. If a situation is leaving same reaction on everyone then it is a reality. If same situation is leaving different reactions on different people then it is not a reality, it is an illusion. Fire will burn everyone (reality). While you are healthy and alright and crying, ‘I’m ruined’; doesn’t make sense. Question mark and analyse your concepts? It is the first step for opening your mind. Few people believe in ghost, most people don’t. Showing a skull, scalp; will have different effect on both categories. It means ghost is an illusion. Some people have millions dollars in their account when they declare bankruptcy and go for suicide. While others have nothing in their account and don’t suicide. For them million dollar is a fortune. When the relationships break, in some cases it is a luck. You may find better peer. Once you become able to unfold the layers of reality, you will leave with no reason to be sad. You may start enjoying.

Every failure is preparing you. You can’t be so afraid of failure that you don’t get out of your comfort zone. You will learn more through failure than you will through success.
The enemy will try to deceive you into keeping your gifts and talents hidden. Have the boldness and confidence that you’re going to use your gift in spite of the fear.
Don't worry about who’s not for you. Some enemies are designed as a part of your destiny. They’re not going to stop you; they’re going to promote you.

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