Thoughts and actions
Thoughts and actions make your destiny. Set goals and make plans. Plan is a self promise. Then you will do with your full strength and power whatever you choose. Now you are free from show off. Now you are not craving for approval or appreciation from people. Results will speak louder for your efforts and struggle. Prioritize; do most rewarding task first. Focus and learn. Quarantine yourself. Obsess yourself with new learning. Read the successful peoples' biographies. Develop new habits. You will realize inner fire.
Don't be afraid, just take action. Increase your courage and control your fear. Take action and boost your courage. You will develop friendship with risk. Comfort zone limits will start breaking. New learning will step in. Do it, do it, do it. Experience saves you from wrong decisions but you gain experience through wrong decisions. 

Let’s dream big - Big dreams light your inner fire and provide the ongoing fuel for your burning desire.It’s better to have an impossible dream than no dream at all. God created you to shine, to make a difference, to leave your mark. Your gift isn’t just for you, it’s to share with the world. We need your talent; we need your creativity; we need your smile. Nobody that’s ever done anything great in life has done it without fear. Don’t let the fear of what other people think hold you back. You’re not going to give an account to people for what you did with your life; you’re going to give an account to God. It’s time to step in to who God created you to be. You have greatness in you. There are talents that you haven’t discovered. As you take steps of faith, God will make things happen that you couldn’t make happen. Your gift may seem insignificant, but when you release it, God will multiply it. He will multiply your talent, your influence, your resources. Life is short. Stir up what God put in you. Make the most of this day. Don’t let fear of failure, fear of what people are going to think, fear of being criticized hold you back. When thoughts tell you, “It’s never going to change, it’s been too long," know that God is still on the throne. Your time is coming. You've been armed with strength for this battle. It’s very freeing when you turn things over to God. You’re not supposed to go through life weighed down by worry, stress, anxiety. Start lightening your load. Go back to the still waters.

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