Any quality product needs quality raw material. Information is raw material for our mind and brain. Control and filter GIGO garbage in garbage out. Don't get deceived from temporary, motivational thought, excitement; it's like charge or medicine but not long lasting. Daily 30 minutes exercise will help you; see or listen some quality stuff; which make you think about you in the right direction. It should bring you close to your own-self. Use auto suggestion techniques for your mind programming. Make muscle of your thinking with right direction thinking. Everyone knows what is worry but only very few people know, what is importance of constructive thinking. Knowing self, being close to self is the real knowledge. Thinking which make you weaker and move you away from yourself is a virus. 'I did a lot in 20 years for my relatives, now nobody is caring for me'.
Self-less soul; is best strategy for yourself. Real satisfaction of others is real satisfaction of your own. People unnecessarily provoke for help. This is not real help for both sides. Emotional blackmailing from any side is worthless. Make a daily routine of doing a small act of kindness for those who are unknown to you and with without any expectation in return. This tendency will grow and will encompass the whole universe and you will feel unlimited happiness. Start self-talk positive consciously. In a while it will become your habit and will working unconsciously. How you can measure value of real smile. Good heart is deep, good mind is not so deep. Small kindness and little moments of love have big importance. Heart can expand with unlimited space. Wherever you can, do real help with meaning, not superficial, meaningless.

Self suggestion; to be active physically is very important for any change or move. Only 5 minutes exercise. Body language works; breath in, say to yourself I am healthy, successful. Use your perfect ideal body language for a while as exercise which you have used to in any part of your life. Mentally relax and breath out.

The Prophet (SAWA) said, ‘He who seeks knowledge is as one who spends his day fasting and his night praying. Verily a chapter of knowledge that a man learns is better for him than for him to have as much gold as a mountain and give it all away in the way of Allah.’
Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘People need good manners more than gold and silver.’
Imam Ali (AS) with regards to Allah’s verse: “Under it there was a treasure belonging to them”, said, ‘that (the treasure) was a golden tablet upon which was written… : I wonder at those who see the world and the fluctuating states that people experience, how can they be satisfied with it?’

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