Awareness of our thoughts is very important. It's very easy. Focus on self talk. Focusing helps to control overthinking. Overthinking is like bushes. We have to clean it like gardener. Self talking is thoughts. Being aware of it needs nothing special arrangements. We are caught in the habit of no awareness of thoughts, living life in imagination, living a sleepy life. We have to change this habit into living full life. How air blow is important for our body. Mostly, we people are living robotic life. We are not aware of our thoughts, even what we are talking to others. People come and talk about their personal matters without knowing that others are least interested in their personal matters. Filtering and controlling thoughts is overlooked most of the time. People are talking outside and inside unnecessarily. Talk inside and outside only what is necessary.
Exercise; act for 5 minutes like 5 year kid; e.g, singing softly. Be ready to act unusual, balloon bursting. Many times we want to do something but refrain from doing under the influence of others, parents etc. Actually, we are not determined, otherwise there is no hurdle to do. This is only lack of determination and presence of fear; we just don't act according to our intuition. The secret is that we are responsible for our life story. We do in our life what everyone, even parents were opposing. It means, opposition is not problem. where there's a will there's a way. We are only looking for excuses, spacegoats for our weaknesses.

Do What The 99% Are Not Doing
What is addiction to a game, to do something? We feel pleasure to do it and discomfort without it. Trying to overcome addiction leaves behind instant pain but experience of conquering an addiction gives permanent happiness. When pleasure is based on sensations but it is blended with sufferings and regrets; it is an addiction. Pleasure is temporary; happiness, suffering, regrets are enduring. Pleasures work like traps. These traps become addictions. These addictions stuck our mind. Our mind is not active anymore. We easily overlook this mystery. Brain works based on information stored and restored in it. Finding passion, working according to passion is not very easy. But there is another passion which is free and there is very easy way to work according to it.

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