Four Tools to Manifest 
Here are four tools to manifest (patent) anything in your life; imagination, focus and attention, feelings, motion and action. The first tool that everyone has is your imagination. This is your most powerful tool in your tool bag. It can be nurtured and developed even if you have been previously conditioned to not use your imagination for fear of being considered a dreamer. Life is a dream. You are a dreamer. This is your power. This is how new inventions have been made. People use their imagination to build a house, to create a beautiful picture or to write a beautiful story or build massive businesses or empires. The creation starts in your imagination. The second tool at everyone's disposal is your focus and attention. Wherever you put that point of your focus whether it be on another person, a project or your health and fitness is what you are currently growing if you are giving your attention to it. It is growing. You are feeding it with your energy. Some have their focus on default and are only giving their attention to the negative stories or all the things that are going wrong with their life or the lives of others. If your focus is on visualizing what you want, then what you want will expand and make its way into your reality. Your third power tool is your feelings. You don't need guidance from above. Your guidance is within you. It is your good feelings that is how you know you are in sync with the source that is you. You can follow your good feelings to a life of bliss and fulfillment. Bad feelings indicate when you need to take a step back. Change your focus and become aware of what it was you were just thinking about that made your feelings start to go downhill. It will become evident that when you notice bad feelings, it usually follows a thought of doubt, worry, unworthiness or lack or fear. However subtle they may be when you notice that I thought you were just thinking has started to make you feel doubtful, sad, worried or angry. When you feel; that is when you make a choice, that is when you can say, okay, that doesn't feel good. It's time to turn away from that thought and focus on something else or nothing. Because every thought you have is creative it is creating your reality around you and your feelings are indicating to you whether you are thinking about things that are going to give you a great happy, blissful result that continue to make you feel good. All your bad feelings will show you when you're thinking about things and not in sync with the immense power. That is what you really are. Your fourth power tool is your motion. It is a movement, it is an action. There is an unmistakable element about living in this physical reality that doesn't exist when you're not human. In this 3d reality action is the making of imagination. Action is the making of imagination, saying yes to something. Deciding is action as well. It is a decision that allows action to follow. This fire action is the ultimate form of movement. When we have inspired action, all expressions of ourselves are in harmony and alignment, our thoughts, our feelings, our focus and our movement become one synergistic flowing way.


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