Friends Matter
What to do which matches my personality? Get the information of trend. All the education system is designed to prepare the youth for jobs. This is a process of confining and limiting the brain. The system is not designed to prepare us for business and creating the jobs. As a result, we have become mechanical and robotic, not creative. Once we learn, how the people like us, are practicing creatively, what the steps they are taking, our brain will start thinking in the same creative way. 
Kharbuje ko dekh kar kharbuja rang badalta hai; By looking at the color changes cantaloupe melons. Think about, how an iron rod become magnetic when we pass electricity current into it. Electrons which are conflicting and resisting flow in one direction. Same we have to do with our mind. We have to direct scattered thoughts into a focused direction. These scattered thoughts cancel each other. The source of thoughts which have clarity can be helpful. Negative thought people are the most all around. Be magnet, not iron. Iron never be magnet by iron but with magnet, yes. So, we have to be in touch with some positive or creative mind person (physically or online). Negative people are not helpful, at all. Now, it is the best time, we can spend time with a person, who is living far from us and vice versa. They live physically far but mentally close and vice versa. When you see inspirational video clips, it changes your thought process. Thinking syncs with the speaker. Physically close and far is history now. 
You become like the people you spend the most time with.

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