Subconscious Mind
No knowledge is final. Just we can rationalize. Memory sometimes drags us to misconception. Most of the time we get stuck with some favorites (personalities etc). It's not easy to free ourselves. This is the main root of conflict in the world that we are anchored with our memories and favoritism. When we focus, conscious mind works. Most of time we don't focus and subconscious mind keeps on working (eye blinking, 99.99% body actions, thoughts, interaction with universe). Sometimes these two (subconscious and conscious mind) agree and we feel comfort and vice versa. 
Thinking about dreams and then steps of execution to fulfill are two different scenarios. The feelings on the way to execute to fulfill the dream is needed to be controlled. When we do something new or even think to do something new, we feel uncomfortable. When we start something new, due to feeling difficulty, 99.99% of us give up. Very, very few people keep going on new way. Train your subconscious that it would follow your conscious mind without using much will power, this is it. Most of the time reverse occurs. Stop breathing for one minute or exercise long breathing. 99.99% times subconscious wins. Start from easy steps to learn new moves, activities, skills. Exercise and practice on easy platforms. Find the ways how you can practice with enjoyment. Also you will get the chance to evaluate yourself that practically things are not as easy as it looks. Now next steps are easy. Once you will complete first step, you will get the sense of achievement, success, enjoyment, crave. Now this all will push you to the next level. 
Because now repetition is not giving you feeling of success. You will proceed to next level. Nobody can stop this type of actions. Now these people are free from fear and greed. Now they are on their way. They are enjoying what they are doing. Their subconscious and conscious; are working together, are aligned. Now they have no need to put any effort or struggle. They are at ease.

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