Time Killing (Investment or Spending)
Time management is life management. If you get a car of your choice with the condition that it will be your only car. How careful you will be to keep it up. Especially you will not allow any wrong person to drive it. Same way, we have to take care of our life.
Everyone gets 86400 seconds everyday. How we use makes the difference! Columbia University conducted a survey  in 1928; an average person works 90 minutes 40 seconds a day. In 2004 average was 90 minutes 38 seconds a day. Then they differentiate this time into major time (with a prospect in network marketing) and minor time (no prospect with you).
Frank Pacetta, was appointed area manager, Ohio Xerox, with 30 members staff. He removed the chairs and asked the staff to bring customers in. 22 people resigned next month. In one year Ohio branch became 50 from 500 rank. Within next 5 years Ohio was No 1. Simple rule he applied; salesperson must be in front of the prospect (major time would be paid).
Achievers think in terms of seconds and minutes, non-achievers think in terms of hours and days. We have 30-35% sleeping time, 10-15% eating, 10-15% illness, 10-15% miscellaneous; 15-20 is only time left to do something. If there is no plan of any change in mind then game is over. Business vs salary and job study; time can be either invested or spent. 95% people spend their time, only 5% invest their time. Return is on investment, not on spending. Network marketing is the best way of time investment.

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