Timidity Has Very Big Punishment
Bukhara, Uzbekistan; an orphan, was there to learn Algebra from a shopkeeper. Gratefulness is very much recommended by Almighty to give more and more blessings. Opposite of it is very much unlikely and results in disaster. 1500 was the year of invention of printing. Before that library (hand written books) was only property of rulers. Bukhara was centre of knowledge. This orphan learned medical to treat the king to access that library. He was allowed for one year in library. But coping or taking notes was prohibited. He memorized all books. During the course of life his interest shifted from Algebra to Medicine. Before death he wrote 500 books (Ibne Seena). It took 200 years world to know him after death. Beauty of butterfly is small orifice of egg. Challenge makes you great. Prophets have a life of full struggle.
Timidity [Cold Feet ہمت ہارنا] that prevents the continuation of a course of action; has very big punishment. Scotland; a poor man saved life of rich kid. As a reward son of poor man was awarded education resources same as son of rich man. Rich kid was Winston Churchill (PM of UK) and poor kid was Alexander Fleming Penicillin.

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