Zero or Hero
What we need for our life; house, car and fame but how can we get all that. Every thing is possible but it needs some tests. We dream for fruit but don't think for the tests. It is same as some bird dream to fly without wings, boat without oar (chappu) or destination. You have to think about your goals and what is the purpose of those goals. Find your passion through your dreams. Mostly what happens, following someone else, you will lose your own recognition. You have to write your own story; you have to decide what role you would like to play in the story of your life film (zero or hero). You are in-charge of this movie. You are actor, director, writer ..... no obstacle, no success, no failure, no hardship, no achievement; who will be interested in this story. In film story, hero has some dreams, then work hard for those dreams, faces hardships, deals with failures, fights with difficulties, falls, rises, puts all his efforts and wins at the end. Plan to make a memorable story. Story starts from a dream, find your dream. The dream which fill your heart with a desire, with a fire so fervent (having a passionate intensity) that it will set the heart aflame and stir your soul.

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