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According to Worldometers, the present global Population is 7.7 Billion (2018). In this busy socio-economic world almost every individual has friends in general, because we are socially interconnected with other humans directly or indirectly in some manner or relationship. During our day to day life there are occasions when we attempt to betray others around us and vice versa. When we betray others we feel happy and when we are betrayed we feel sad. The number of people around us who behave in this manner are very less in number, generally not more than 10-12 individuals. 
Here the question arises, do we perform best when we are happy or sad? If we are sad or hurt due to a tiny number of 10-12 people who betrayed us and we are not performing at our best due to this tiny number; Is this a right way of observing or judging for the rest 7.7 Billion people on the globe? These 7.7 Billion People have right on us as we have right on them and in the same way we all have some common responsibilities. Some people symbolize these 10-12 People with serpent or satan. 
Holy Prophets; Hazrat Nooh AS, Hazrat Younus AS, Hazrat Ibrahim AS, Hazrat Moosa AS, Hazrat Isa AS, Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH, Hazrat Imam Ali AS, Hazrat Imam Hassan AS, Hazrat Imam Hussain AS got betrayed from more than 10-12 people? But they dealt and represented based on the whole humanity. 
It has been noticed that we people in general punish the whole humanity based on betrayal experience of those 10-12 people. Although we do live with serpents (snakes) and other dangerous animals side by side especially in remote areas but don't pay much attention to danger associated. In contrast we focus on these 10-12 people much more. Do you feel, we justify this type of attitude or behavior?

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