Magnetic Field Energy
Magnetic field in iron rod - unpaired electrons - spinning cancels their effect. When a number of unpaired electrons are aligned with their spins in the same direction with the passage of electrical current, they combine to produce a significant magnetic field in iron rod. Before they were cancelling their magnetic fields of each other by spinning in opposite and random directions.
Same is effect of such friends who intentionally or unintentionally spread some negativity and cancel the real energy and capability. Look at security level implemented on nuclear facilities, prime minster; office, residence, travel. Ponder about gardening and farming. Consider building materials.
When we buy house, car even clothes; how much careful we are!
How 10-12 people vs 7.7 billion people; snatch away the whole synergy and religious faith. Now that person being hurt is not representing humanity or any generosity. He / she is now turned into a revenging entity. This is human mind focus working all over. Now here Holy Quran says; Al-Ma'idah (The Table Spread) 5:32; murder of one person or spreading corruption equal to murder of whole humanity and saving one human life is equal to saving of whole humanity.
Researchers have documented the graph recordings for sad and happy mood efficiency while studying human nature. Human mind furnish maximum efficiency when it is happy. Happiness comes from inside; you admire yourself; well done Mr ..., or it comes from outside; people around say the same. Very seldom we can remember that we have recognized ourselves king, prince, queen and princess. It is free practice but mostly we do opposite. We are stuck with unnecessary comparisons, rivalries, jealousies.
We have adopted a lifestyle where superficial and temporary temptations have very easily deprived us from permanent satisfaction providing activities. Imam Ali AS: the cure is within you, but you do not see, the disease is within you, but you do not sense. “Your cure is within you, yet you do not sense it! Your sickness is from you, yet you do not see it! You are the open book. You consider yourself a small body; but within you is encapsulated (enfolded) the entire universe!” The human being has unbelievable ability to reach the highest level (higher than angel and lower than animal).
Let it go; Two monks; one senior and the other junior. The senior picked up a requesting young girl on his shoulders and crossed the river. Placed her gently on the other side and carried on his journey. The junior monk was stuck with thought of girl.
Put the glass down; A professor in a class explains, how tiny feelings affect us by the time. Vigilant filtration and aware circle of friends is very helpful.
Battle of Badr was fought in 624 with 313 Muslims and 1000 enemies. 27 Meccans were killed, 22 alone by Imam Ali ibn e Abi Talib. Byzantine (Roman) Empire was defeated in 6 days in Battle of Yarmouk in 636. In 651 Muslims conquered Persian Empire. An outstanding study is needed.

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