GTV Team talks with Br Mohammed Kassim Admin TARIC Islamic Centre

Br Mohammed Kassim is last 22 years affiliated with TARIC Islamic Centre and is a member of Board of Directors last 5 years. Food drive for hungry people was started from TARIC Islamic Centre and is now managed by 12 more religious centres. 

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Q: Br Mohammed Kassim, with your experience, would you please like to tell whether you feel to keep open the religious centres for 24/7. What your mind and heart feels about it?

Ans from Br Mohammed Kassim; It is need of the time. Surely it would be a great move to talk and act about it.
(There is a rule that if your heart and mind approves some need, it happens sooner or later).

Q: What do you think about preparation of a paper describing what would be the additional expenses for keeping open the religious centres for 24/7 and what benefits and advantages society can achieve out of it?

Ans from Br Mohammed Kassim; Yes, it would be a good start in this direction.

Q: While this is the time when society is facing and dealing with (according to official statistical data) 25% population of North America mental disorder, would these centres be the right place for healing meditation for this challenge?

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