Building Community - An Effort 

Please Help to List / Modify Interview Survey Questions for GTV, Ideal City Living, keep Open Religious Places 247365

Below are 23 questions; please help me to sort out 7 questions with sequence of the most important on the top. Also put new title to it. Thanks

Decision Making: Emotional vs Logical

We are living on earth (planet) with 7.7 billion people, all working together to keep life smooth. Some points in life come when we get hurt due to insult, betrayal, break of relationship. Now our emotional anger is unleashed and we make sometimes accident on the road. Do we punish 7.7 billion people with the excuse of local, limited situation. Did you ever come across such scenario? 

You have won a very influential position. What would be your inaugural speech? 

How would you spend most of your time if you have unlimited money and time? 

Which problem would you solve if you have magical power? 

Public Speaking: What do you think it adds value to someone's personality or not?

The traditional government support (911) is available all the time but community support cannot be replaced. Some communities have arrangements of 24/7 support system along with traditional government support. Is here any message for your community? 

Keeping Open Religious Places 24/7/365: GTV will soon launch a session to discuss the Cost & benefits analysis to keep various religious centers open 24/7/365. A community in GTA Toronto has already demonstrated an example in this regard as they keep their religious centres open 24/7/365. This community is willing to extend its help to other communities. If any other community has lack of resources and intends to keep their religious place open 24/7 they can benefit from their experiences as they are willing to help others. Can we invite other communities to demonstrate their experiences?

If someone spends his or her day as if it is his / her last day of life, what benefits / advantages are there for him / her?

Below are three scenarios from CNN hero list: Describe any lesson or point in these examples for your community? 

a) 2016 Ludden was honored as one of the Top 10 CNN Hero of the year: Since 2001, Ludden and his group brought transformative experiences to more than 3,000 people with cancer (families). 

b) 2010 CNN Hero - Building Free Homes - Dan Wallrath: The group builds houses (valued at $250,000) in market for $75,000 (cost to build). That’s only 33% of the total market value, also customized. 
c) 2018 CNN Hero - Tiny Homes Community Project - Chris Stout: traditional shelters are unsafe or lacking privacy. It started from providing hotel accommodations for needy people. From there, Tiny Homes Community Project, is now an educational and training tool. Anticipated length of stay is six months but is not limited to six months. Free bus passes from the local transit authority are also offered. Now this project is a hub for job placement and business development. It has served 8,000 people and reached out to more than 650-plus communities.

Please describe your experience in your field of expertise? 

Have you ever been inspired by an incident or personality? 

Are there any accomplishments you would proudly like to mention?

What type of work do you believe is most valuable for society? 

Would you like to mention / share any exemplary action / campaign from any centre (group)? 

What are the strengths and weaknesses in your community? 

How many people merely keep themselves busy with unimportant details instead of putting their time and energy into things with real purpose that can have a real impact on society. 

If you want personality improvement, what steps would you take? 

In community, occasionally noticed that a young boy or girl has lost the senses and portray unusual behavior due to failed relationship. But the suffering family faces unexpected situation and disturbance. Is lack of education and training main reason or you have some other opinion? 

In some cases the communities have managed the residences close to the educational institutes to save the time of students (weather, sickness, exams). Do you think your community need to follow this avenue?

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