How to Control Jin
Discover Your Natural Talent & Remove Mental Limitations
World population is 7 billion; only 5% successful; the rest 95% are in struggle or not satisfied. Main reason; limited thinking / dreams; they let rusted their capabilities or not recognized their potential. 
A person tried and was successful to borrow / was gifted a Jin. He ordered Jin to decorate his house, provide him nice car etc. The Jin apologized. The person then asked Jin what you are able to do. The Jin replies, I can bring daily use things from market and can massage your head and body. 
The person asked the Jin, but I have listened many stories about the potential and power of Jin. The Jin replied, those are right stories. But my previous owner never let me practice those. So now I forget all that.
Then the Jin advised the person; sir, please think big. Otherwise you will be like me without any power.

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