Keeping Open Religious Places 24/7/365 

Agreat idea is pioneered. Religions are godly constituted entities for their respective followers so it makes sense to keep these centres open 24/7 for godly liaisons. Their utility better be maximized by turning them into solace (comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness) for the seekers and as shelter and sanctuary for the deprived and the depressed. Some communities particularly lack this consciousness even though Holy Prophet (PBUH) emphasized Masjid as the central gathering place for communal affairs. However, kings and elites destroyed this concept and kept religious places closed or under watch only for ritualistic worship. I see in Memphis, USA, a Christian church, Bellevue, that is not only open day and night but also provide gratis medical help of all sorts. So much so that hundreds of all faith men and women are found in queues seeking help. Many other churches do the same. I request brothers to realise the novelty and egalitarian (relating to or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities) nature of our houses of worship. I hope you can find enough volunteers to make this a reality. Thanks for allowing me to express my views. 

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Dr Masoom Abidi
Memphis, USA
Dr Abidi, Professor (Emeritus) Faculty of Political Science and Criminal Justice Cal-State University Fullerton. 
Dr Abidi, two PhDs from State University, writer of books on comparative religion and politics, a name in promoting interfaith dialogue. 

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