20 Principles You Should Live By If You Want An Amazing, Successful Life 

1. There’s Nothing You Can’t Have Or Achieve In Life… If You’re Willing To Work For It. 

2. Take Responsibility For Your Life and You Will Take Control Of Your Life. 

“I attribute my success to this: I never GAVE nor took any excuse.” 

3. There’s Always Something To Be Grateful For. 

4. Follow Your OWN Path 

5. Never Stop Learning and Working On Yourself. 

“The more you LEARN the more you will EARN” 

“With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt.” 

7. Give Your All! 

8. You Can Change The Way You Feel At Any Moment By Changing Your Focus. 

9. Don’t Chase Money … Follow Your Purpose. 

10. There’s No Such Thing As Failure, Unless You Fail To Learn The Lesson. 

11. The End Result Will Be Worth The Sacrifice 

12. Patience Is Power 

13. Nothing Worthwhile In Life Comes EASY. 

14. Nothing That Has Happened In Your Past Can Stop You From Creating A Better FUTURE, Starting RIGHT NOW 


16. Not Everyone Will Be Happy For You 

17. Habits Make Or Break You 

18. FEAR Is An Illusion. 

19. Without Direction, You’ll End Up In The Wrong Section. 

20. No One Will Believe In You, Until YOU DO. 

Back yourself, you can do this. 

30 Thoughts For Victorious Living!

1. Think The Way God Thinks
2. Develop A Vision Of Victory
3. Make A Plan
4. Speak What You Seek
5. Stand Strong During Adversity
6. Be Joyful Always
7. You Are Approved
8. Pursue Your Purpose
9. Have An Attitude Of Gratitude
10. Overcome Opposition
11. Declare Blessings
12. Develop A Restoration Mentality
13. Focus On The Future
14. Feed Your Faith
15. Live To Give
16. Live By The Spirit
17. Release The Past
18. Filter Your Thoughts
19. Stand Strong
20. Live A Balanced Life
21. Expect Favor
22. Forgive Past Hurts
23. Raise Your Self Image
24. Avoid Strife
25. Rest & Wait
26. Expect God’s Best
27. Be Who You Are
28. Let God Defend You
29. Guard Your Heart
30. Praise Him For The Victory

7 Reasons Why You Should Improve Your Public Speaking
1. Overcome your fear. There's enormous power in mastering and overcoming a fear, whatever it is. ...
2. Boost your self-confidence. ...
3. Attract opportunities. ...
4. Influence others. ...
5. Increase personal power. ...
6. Increase your empathy. ...
7. Master a topic.

I am capable

I am enough

I am wealthy

I am healthy!

I am strong

I am a fighter

I am resilient

I am a creator

I am blessed

I am a blessing to those around me

I am a force for good!

I am capable of anything I set my mind to

I am willing to do whatever it takes

3 Proven Strategies to Help You Overcome Fear of Failure
1. Face it. “Face your fear” 
2. Externalize it.
Giving your fear a voice, or at least an email address
3. Ignore it.
The first two strategies for overcoming fear – Face It and Externalize It – involved ways to change how we think about and react to our anxieties and self-doubt. But sometimes the best thing you can do is ignore it.  Let go of worrying about what people will think or your own expectations, or even thinking about the outcome at all, and just focus doing one thing.

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