Gurudwaras are Operative 24/7 - Harjit Singh Khalsa Part 1/3

Anyone Can Approach Gurudwara Part 2/3

Sikhs are Ready to Help Other Communities Part 3/3

Volunteer and Youth QA 1/8

To Train Youth and Volunteer Develop Culture QA 2/8

Invitation to Visit Gurudwara QA 3/8

Sikhs Don't Emphasize on Conversion QA 4/8

Youth Training QA 5/8

How Gurudwara Established QA 6/8

Youth Follows QA 7/8

Collective Effort QA 8/8

Keeping Open Religious Places 24/7/365 S Aleem Raza Zaidi

Keeping Open Religious Places 24/7/365 S Ahmed Raza

It is really good. I think, it will attract people, and will help to serve a food for thought for every segment of our society. Syed Aleem

Our mosques r suppose to be open 24 hours, totally agreed. Tanveer Shah

Harjit Singh said something very prudent that religious places should cater the wider needs of community in terms of food, clothing and shelter. This is the basic concept of every religion. Ahsan Shah UK

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