Shyness (wants to interact but refrains due to some reason) and introvert (don't want to interact) are two different tendencies.
To deal with shyness, practice where you already have no image. The places where we have some image / introduction, it's very hard to exercise different things. Acquire knowledge about where are you going, the new environment. Build image on unknown locations which will reflect back to your known places. Take out from your set introduction places. Change experience. Start from unknown places. Talk to unknown people. Start from appreciation; everyone craves and likes. Every good starts from compliment. But we find all around rejection most of the time. 

Look at world fame player. He is sure that he would end in very bad shape. But he takes chance. We have to do the same. Never stuck in some pit hole (so-called insult, negative remarks). 

With the fear of insult, we hesitate. We don’t practice and name it fear. Real respect is the real key to interact. We have to understand and comprehend the real meaning of different words and use them accordingly.

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