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Gurudwara (GTA Toronto)

Gurudwaras are Operative 24/7, 
Anyone Can Approach Gurudwara - simple food without meet is offeres 3 times a day. No matter how many people visit Gurudwara.

Sikhs are open to help other communities to keep open the religious places. 20 Gurudwara committees in GTA are ready to help others.
Gurudwaras System Insight - Harjit Singh Khalsa Explains

Interview Points
Financial Affair
If someone has problem with a member of Jamaat (GTA Toronto), not getting money back from a member. Once he informed that he is going to complain Jamaat, he got his money back.

Jamaat arranges weekly/ monthly eat together dinner.

Every 10 houses have one ameer; responsible for all the matters needed in those 9 families.

24 hour responding arrangement through centre (library).

If someone gets sick in the neighbourhood, Jamaat takes care of all the related concerns i.e, kids school pick and drop, taking care of kids after school, food etc.

How you deal with new immigrants; settlement, help; Jamaat collects the household and provides free to new immigrants or anyone who needs.

In case of power outage or any major emergency, prepared food is supplied on the doorstep.

Please add more points of service if I have no knowledge and explain how it comes possible which looks impossible in other communities. Thanks and JazakAllah

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