Your Wings are Coming
We all face situations that look like they'll never change: in our career seems like we've reached our limits, we have much bigger things in our heart. We know what Almighty has promised, but when we look at the circumstances, it says we're stuck. When we look at the medical report, look at the bank account, there's no sign of things improving. But fact is: The things we see are temporary, but the things we can't see are eternal.
Don't be discouraged by what you see, it's not permanent. Believe: the things we see are subject to change. Your child may be off course, but he's subject to change. Your health may not look good, it's subject to change. Your dream may seem impossible, that's subject to change. When thoughts tell you that it's permanent, you'll never get well, never meet the right person, instead of being discouraged, turn it around: "Yes, it may look that way, but I know a secret, it is subject to change". You can't be moved by what you see, you have to be moved by what you know. Almighty is working behind the scenes, what he promised is on the way.
When a caterpillar is crawling on the ground, barely moving, I can imagine he looks up and sees a beautiful butterfly flying through the air. The more he watches, the more depressed he gets, thinking: "It's not fair. Why can't I fly? I'll always be grounded". When he looks at his circumstances, there's nothing about them that says he will ever fly, no sign of him ever getting off the ground. If an expert examined him, he would give him no chance of taking flight, he has no wings. If you put him up next to a dozen other worms, none of them have ever flown. But there's something different about the caterpillar, in its DNA it's been programmed at a certain time to develop wings. Even though it seems impossible, even though every thought says it will never fly, one day it does the impossible, it transforms into a beautiful butterfly, that can soar through the air.
All that time he thought he was stuck on the ground, he didn't realize it wasn't permanent, his wings were coming. Like that caterpillar all your circumstances may say: "You'll never fly. You don't have the training, the experience, you come from the wrong family". Thoughts will tell you, you'll always be grounded, you'll always struggle in your finances, always be addicted. No, get ready, your wings are coming. Where you are is not permanent. Almighty did not create you to crawl to go through life lonely, addicted, struggling, he didn't make you in his own image, breathe life into you, crowned you with favor, so you could barely get by. He created you to soar, to take new ground, to go further than you thought possible.

[Within the chrysalis the old body parts of the caterpillar are undergoing a remarkable transformation, called 'metamorphosis,' to become the beautiful parts that make up the butterfly that will emerge.]

Now quit being discouraged by what you see. What you see is subject to change. We don't know what Almighty is doing behind the scenes. But it would be different, if a caterpillar was born with wings that didn't work and eventually they were activated. Be much easier to believe that it could fly, if the wings were already in place. But I believe, one reason Almighty made the caterpillar a worm without wings that crawls on the ground, that's the least likely one to fly, was to encourage us, there when it seems the least likely for you to fly.
When circumstances say: "There's no way you'll get well, no way you'll accomplish your dream", you can remember the caterpillar. If it went from being grounded with no wings to be in a beautiful butterfly, that can soar through the air, then Almighty can change what looks impossible to you. Now you may be in the caterpillar stage, not making much progress, things don't look promising. Almighty is saying: don't worry, your wings are coming, your healing is coming, your promotion is coming, your breakthrough is coming. You're not going to just get ahead, you're not going to just have a little bump, you're going to see supernatural opportunities, supernatural increase, things that you couldn't make happen.
When a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, gets its wings it doesn't just have the ability to crawl faster, just be better at what it could already do, it comes into a whole new dimension: from crawling, to flying. When you get your wings, you're not going to just be better at what you can do right now, Almighty is going to catapult you into a new dimension, into favor that you haven't seen. Acceleration: things are going to happen sooner than you thought, should have taken you 30 years to work your way into management, but suddenly you were promoted. What happened? You got your wings. Should have taken you a lifetime to pay your house off, but you did it in a fraction of the time. What happened? You went from crawling to flying, you got your wings. That's the hand of Almighty thrusting you ahead.
Are you believing what you're seeing or what you're hearing? What you see maybe lack, struggle, caterpillar on the ground, but what Almighty is speaking to your soul is abundance, breakthroughs, new levels. What you're hearing is more powerful than what you're seeing. What you see is temporary, what you hear is eternal. And if you stay focused on the emptiness and how big the problem is, it's never going to change, that's going to keep you in a caterpillar mode.
We get transformed by the renewing of our mind. This transformation is the same used for when a caterpillar metamorphoses into a butterfly. You have to get your mind going in the right direction. You can't think caterpillar thoughts and live a butterfly life. If you think like, I'll never get well. I can't get ahead, I've reached my limits". Your own thinking will keep your wings from developing. You have to develop your soul in abundance. You have to chose to believe what Almighty says in your heart over what you saw.
It takes faith to keep looking. You have to be more confident in what Almighty says in your heart than in what you see. What you see may be a caterpillar, no chance, it can fly, you'd be wasting your time thinking that worm could get off the ground. For some people that would seem foolish, but faith is not always going to make sense. What Almighty promises you is not always going to be logical. There will be a battle taking place in your mind between what you see and what you hear. "I hear, I'm a butterfly, I'm created to soar, I'm destined to do great things". Then that other voice, "Well, where are your wings? How come, you're still on the ground? How come, it's taking so long"? 
Sometimes there will be no sign that it's going to happen, that's when you have to dig down deep and say: "Almighty, my mind says, I'm crazy, people say I'm far out, but I still believe: what you promised is on the way. Almighty, you said, you would restore health back in to me, I don't see any sign of it, but I choose to believe: health is coming. Almighty, I’m faithful but my child is off-course, but I'm not moved by what I see, I know you have the final say. Almighty, you said, I would leave an inheritance to my children's children. I don't see how it can happen, Almighty, I'm struggling to make ends meet, but I believe my wings are coming. In my heart, I hear abundance, I hear increase, I hear lend and not borrow.
What you see may seem small compared to what you dream. It's easy to dismiss it, think that it's nothing, but Almighty knows how to take a small kindness and bring a big blessing, he knows how to take something that looks insignificant and caused it to multiply and turn into something amazing. Are you going to believe your wings are still coming, while you're crawling on the ground, while there's no sign of it or are you going to let circumstances take you out of it".
Part of this test is sometimes the situation will get worse before it gets better. Sometimes you have to thank Almighty in advance, you have look for it, but nothing looks changed. If you will pass this test of things getting worse while you're doing the right thing, then you will come into abundance, you will see what Almighty promised. Getting worse is a sign, that the breakthrough is coming.
Even with the caterpillar, before it gets its wings, the caterpillar goes into a cocoon, that's where it transforms. In the cocoon it's dark, it's uncomfortable, it can't move. At least when he was a caterpillar, he could crawl around. Couldn't go fast, but he could move. Now, he's totally restricted. I'm sure, he thinks: what's happening to me? I was believing for wings, I was hoping to fly, now I have no mobility, it's worse than ever. But in a little while after that dark season, after that uncomfortable time, he comes out of the cocoon not the same, but with its wings, now it's a butterfly.
Now you may be in the cocoon today. You feel like you're going backwards, you're believing to get better to take new ground, but it's gone the other way - it's all a part of the process, that's a sign that your wings are coming. Don't get discouraged, you're about to come into who you were dreaming. That time in the cocoon, that uncomfortable season, when you were doing the right thing and the wrong thing was happening, it wasn't a mistake, it wasn't bad luck, it was a test. Almighty has the absolute power, nothing can happen without his permission. And because you stayed in faith, because you kept looking for the best, because you kept speaking that abundance is coming, you're going to come out with your wings. No more crawling, no more barely getting by, living mediocre, struggling with addictions, depression, dysfunction, this is a new day.
If the enemy would have known what was going to happen, he would have left you alone. He took you into that difficulty thinking he was going to stop you. He didn't realize, it was the cocoon. Almighty was using it to transform you. He meant it for harm, Almighty turned it to your advantage, you came out with your wings. Now you can soar, now you can take new ground, now abundance is in your future.
You may say, "Almighty, I'm not going to be moved, but what I see is a stalemate (deadlock, impasse), what I see is big giant, what I see is a lengthy legal battle. It looked like I could always be grounded, like that setback would be permanent, but I believe in this secret, it is subject to change. That people don't have the final say, Almighty has the final say". Instead of talking about how bad it is, how it would never work out, go around saying, "Almighty thank you, that you being for us is more than the world being against us. Thank you, that you are fighting our battles".
Almighty knows how to put the right people in your path. We thought we are stuck, but we get our wings. It may have taken years, Almighty can do it in a fraction of the time.
What you're up against, may look bigger, stronger, the odds are against you - don't worry, the most time Almighty is for you, he knows how to defeat giants, he knows how to turn things around. No person can stand against Him, no sickness, no addiction, no obstacle, what's trying to stop you is not permanent. The Almighty who created the universe is planning in your direction right now, pushing back forces of darkness, making your crooked places straight, changing people's minds in your favor. Not only are you going to come out, but in the process you're going to get your wings, you're gonna rise to heights, that you never thought possible.
In the Holy Quran Almighty promised Ibrahim (AS) and Sarah, that they were going to have a baby, but they were both way too old. Even though it seemed impossible, they believed for a while, but years went by and no sign of the child. Her attitude was: "I'll never get my wings, I'll always be grounded". She thought somebody else would have to fly for her, that she would have to ride piggyback so to speak, they would have the baby. But you never see a butterfly flying around with a caterpillar on its back. The promise Almighty put in you is not going to come through somebody else. Yes, sometimes people lift us, sometimes they do us a favor, but Almighty didn't create you to be dependent on others to fulfill your destiny. You are not going to have to ride piggyback, your wings are coming. There is greatness in you. You have gifts, talents, businesses, babies in you.
Ibrahim (AS) had a baby with Sarah's maid. And when it looked like there was no way, against all odds, at 80 years of age Sarah gave birth to a son. What Almighty put in your heart is still on the way. Maybe the reason it seems so unlikely, is like Sarah, you don't have your wings yet. When you're in the caterpillar stage. It's easy to talk to yourself out of it, the way to stay in faith is keep reminding yourself: my wings are coming. When Sarah heard the promise that she was going to have a baby, the first thing she did was laugh. She thought: "That's so far out, it's funny". Because she couldn't comprehend it, she found the maid to try to make it happen.
Here's the key: don't reduce what Almighty promised you to fit your faith. Don't bring it down to your level and go find the maid, come up to His level. Don't be limited by your faith, stretch your faith. If you could do it on your own, you wouldn't need wings. If you could accomplish your dreams by yourself, it wouldn't take faith. What Almighty has in your future is so big, so amazing, it's going to be intimidating. While you're excited, at the same time you'll be tempted to swing back and think: there's no way, that has never happened in my family. Almighty wouldn't have given it to you if he didn't have a way to bring it to pass. He is not asking you to figure it out, he's asking you to believe. When you believe, supernatural doors can open. When you believe, Almighty can make things happen, that you could never make happen. But the mistake we make too often, is we reduce what Almighty promised us to what we think is possible.
Sometimes we pray that the furniture we really want to buy will go on sale, so we can afford it? And there's nothing wrong with being frugal (prudent, economical), but Almighty is not dependent on what somebody else does to bring your dream to pass, he's not hoping they give you a good break, so that promise will be fulfilled. It's great if it goes on sale, but we can rather pray, that Almighty will give us the funds to purchase it, even if it doesn't. Sometimes we're praying for things to come down, when we should be praying for us to go up. The same Almighty that can cause it to go on sale, can bless you with such abundance, that it doesn't matter if it doesn't.
Develop an attitude, "I was grounded long enough, I crawled around for years, this is a new day, I've got my wings and I'm not going back to that worm mentality. I was born to fly.
Sometimes we're waiting for Almighty to take us higher, Almighty is waiting for us to bring our thinking up higher. Get rid of that worm mentality. Don't reduce what Almighty promised you to fit your faith - stretch your faith. How you were raised, is not how you're supposed to stay. Almighty has new levels. You may not see how this can happen, there are big obstacles in your path, don't be moved by what you see, what you see is subject to change. You can hear the sound of abundance, the sound of health, the sound of breakthroughs. You may have been grounded but your caterpillar days are over. Just believe and declare: your wings are coming, you're going to accomplish more than you thought possible. It's going to happen sooner than you think: acceleration, promotion, health, new opportunities, new levels, the fullness of your destiny, in Mahdi’s name.

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