Let’s Meet Neighborhood People

Speaking and expressing self is the most important and the most neglected attribute in human life. A session has been arranged in the neighbourhood at the same pattern as Toastmaster, TEDx, Landmark Forum, Master Class and Speakers' Corner - Hyde Park - The Royal Parks. Be a part and save money and time while acquiring the same benefits at no cost.

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto; 5183 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON, M1G 3T8

Executive Meeting Room 07JUN2019 Friday 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Email: asteam401@gmail.com   Tel: 647 951 4130                               
Web:   http://www.gtv.world/

Proposed few topics but not limited to:

You have won a very influential position. What would you say in your inaugural speech? 

What other skills like Public Speaking add value to someone's personality?

The traditional government support (911) is available all the time but community support cannot be replaced. 

Some communities have arrangements of 24/7 support system along with traditional government support. What message does this send to your community? 

Divergent thinking vs convergent thinking: A father sent his four sons one by one to observe and prepare a report about a fruit tree at a specific location. Then he called all his sons and reviewed their reports in front of them. All the four reports were very different about same one tree in different four seasons. There a beautiful picture on a cardboard; two groups of people, one on the side of picture and the other group on the cardboard side; have 100% different opinion about the card board and both are right. A frog lived whole life in a well and a fish accidentally fell in the well; both have different concept about the ocean. Add some more scenarios about misconception or difference of opinion?

Decision Making: Emotional vs Logical; We are living on earth (planet) with 7.7 billion people, all working together to live life smooth. Some points in life come when we get hurt due to insult, betrayal, break of relationship. Now our emotional anger is unleashed and we make sometimes accident on the road. Do we punish 7.7 billion people with the excuse of local, limited situation? Did you ever come across such a scenario?

2010 CNN Hero - Building Free Homes – Dan Wallrath: That’s only 33% of the total market value, also customized. Ludden is a person in Top 10 CNN Hero of the year: Since 2001, He is taking care of the cancer patients keeping them away from their families so that pain must be split. 3,000 families having cancer Patient. 2018 CNN Hero - Tiny Homes Community Project - Chris Stout: traditional shelters are unsafe or lacking privacy. It has served 8,000 people and reached out to more than 650 communities.

Which one is temporary and which is permanent; the pain of discipline or the pain of regret? 
What is lion mentality (leadership) and herd (mob) mentality?

Human body contains 50 trillion life cells. Each cell generates 1.4 volt of electricity each moment. It’s like a moving power plant generating 700 trillion volts all the time. By focusing this much energy, what can we do?

Keep on adding your wise thoughts?

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