Let's list whatever is in mind for an ideal religious centre in North America 

1) Is it possible to put one suggestion box in the centres and create an email address. Suggestions would be reviewed on weekly basis on Thursday. Person of the week (with the best suggestion for community / centre) would be announced (with name and brief description of the suggestion) on Friday prayers (Muslims), Sunday (Christians) .... . 

2) Let’s work on each and every member of our community to be able to stand up and speak professionally to present his/ her point of view. 

3) Capable brains would be engaged to work on feasibility for housing (to strike on margin the builders are benefiting). 

4) A work group may be formed to collect data of families having patients with permanent disability / long disease. Obviously it's not easy for a family to look after such type of elder, patient, or person with disability or marginal ability. 

5) You can trust and depend on your community. At least give your community a chance to help you from very small to large scale. Please don't hesitate to share your issues and concerns. A dedicated phone line and email address for this purpose may be arranged. 

6) Provision of help to settle new immigrants; some live in shelters, some in temples. That is not recommended start of new life in new culture. Verified guidelines and list of community recommended legal team would be provided. 

7) Working parents or parents with lack of parental capability; children need a lot of community attention in their supervised homework and healthy games. Sometimes students need limited financial assistance from community. Lack of community attention may cause trap of our children; e.g, no or low higher education, even drug addiction. 

8) In some cases, the counsellor/ mentor (due to lack of capability) may cause more complications. So the community mentors may need more vigilance and preparation. Increasing rate of separation and divorce is an alarm.

9) Invite all people from globe to guide; how it is possible to launch the micro economic development move from centre for any community.

10) Waive of membership registration fee for the centre for some time; if some family is unable to pay the membership fees. Keep it secret. Centre wouldl be able to analyse the economic condition of the community.

11) Some centres are already engaged in one or more agenda points mentioned above. Task is to introduce all centres about what is already underway.

12) If some member of community has expertise in a field and need a little cooperation to present his/ her professional skill for the prosperity of the community. Such forum needed to be launched.

13) The task to find and introduce consultants in different areas (venues) of life is ahead. 

Keep on adding your wise thoughts?

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