Conquer Your Fear
Holding on consequences of fear, repeating so much in mind that if it will happen, what will I do if this happen (I got fired from job, big client walked away from business, health got bad, child off course, dreams may seem impossible). After a while, if disappears and the fear actually comes in play due to so much repetition in mind. 
May the employer has plan to keep him forever, the child is the best child, may be he would always be healthy. But with his actions, firstly based on fear, and now based on actual (which he feels by the time); he is inviting everyone to prove his fear true.
May be nothing would happen in actual. In dream, some event occurs and realization is like very real. So these all fears are stored in memory. What is reality, it's free from everything (thoughts, mind). 
There are many complications stored in the memory. This storage and chains are not reality (it's all illusion, rubbish). Reality is, you are controlling your mind, not mind is controlling you. Chains are of job, relationship, narrow beliefs - this is all illusion. If a giant is in your memory, you will afraid. If no giant exist, then there is no fear. 
World is stuck in deception. No one tries for reality. We have many questions in life and at the same time we have answers. These answers are the source of fear. They come from stored memory (belief). For bat day is night and vice versa. Night vision camera does the same thing. Reality is point of view. We are expert of solving problems of others but not of our own. 
My body is an instrument, instrument (ears, eyes, etc) is changeable. I am acting in the world through this instrument. This instrument is not going to die. Mind is software, body is hardware. Both are temporary and changeable. I am acting through it. I am immortal. No way to kill me. Instrument is mortal, no way to save it. This is absolute life. Now, there is no fear that can't be conquered.

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