Increase Your Life Expectancy 
Wealth is the most dangerous entity in this world even more than atom bomb. Hunger, poverty, failure; is not threatening. Food, wealth, success; are more alarming. Wealth doesn’t stay, it moves. We are like cheque books, credit cards with limited value. When wealth moves from us, it takes away four great assets; 1) health, 2) relationships; we become alone. In courts, often you will find rich people. Poor people fight but their fight is temporary in most cases. 3) Ethics are affected; you will find rich people in concerts and gambling. Wealth deprives you of 4) peace of mind. Rich people use sleeping pills. 
We lose insulting and intimate friends replaced with courteous, greedy and selfish people. Although you know all the atrocities, cruelty, injustice but have no courage to get out of this rut. 
Poverty, lack of resources results in some physical deficiencies. Wealth damages the inner. 
Find and try your childhood peers, sincere people; they are the best psychiatrist, doctors for you. You need those pure voices, simple memories for your satisfaction and peace. 
Otherwise get ready for best hospitals, expensive doctors and rich funeral. Family, relatives, employees only have eye on our account and position. Our childhood friends are the real reflection of our early life - full life, life full of joy. Those insulting voices, distorted names and simple broken moves can provide us the real value. Get out of fantasy, lonely life. Start living full life being connected with childhood close people.

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