It’s common complaint from 'new comer immigrants' that North American people are not welcoming to the 'new comer immigrants', why they are not as helpful as per expectation. Here are few lines as analysis; 

North American Lifestyle - an Overview
1) Let's look and analyze Asian Culture (India and Pakistan). One can easily realize that it's pretty much losing values; integrity, sacrifice, taking responsibility, courage and wholeheartedness. As a result this vacuum is filled by blaming, blackmailing, backbiting, ego, shyness, unnecessary expectations, excuses and selfishness. 

2) Now let's take an example of a professional couple in Pakistan or India. They are living in a big city with good jobs but merely meeting their needs while educating their children in reputed schools. In most of the cases, they are almost isolated from their hometown people due to 'limited resources'. 

3) Now some of them got immigration to North America (Canada and USA). Here, they are not offered reasonable jobs upfront and many of them stuck in badly tiring odd jobs requiring a lot of physical and mental effort, also long hours. Updating education is not easy task as it looks. It needs a lot of documentation, enough resources and patience. Very little proportion can pursue this long way process. 

4) With attributes mentioned in the start #1, in this new, very hard and tough situation, now everyone is looking for a very weak target to blame. So spouses start blaming each other. Then children also take the position by the time. New comer immigrants also form a pressure group. Interestingly, each and everyone counts themselves new immigrant even after two, three decades very easily. Each group has strong 'beliefs' and have some 'rights - self defined'. No one has time to ponder on their responsibilities because they are not trained for that. 

5) A very little number of professionals, business people; have better income. Governments in North America, are very courteous. They use stick and carrot strategy very intelligently. High income people are offered option. Pay a portion of your income to Government or donate in charity. Now comes the role of non-profit organisations. 

6) Non-profit status certificates are issued on religious, cultural, entertainment and education basis. Now like-minded people make their teams to get this tax exempted status. 

7) You have to go through a long struggle of developing a group and proving the eligibility to get and keep intact tax exempted status. Built-in hidden fear of cancellation of status is permanently attached from day one of issuance, in case of 'violation'. This violation is a very strong protocol. After all, this is government money and now you are under observation due to granted status. 

8) 99% low income people fulfill head-count pre-requisite. In return, they enjoy religious activities, cultural shows, entertainment events as a 'free of cost' luxury. On the other hand, they are needed and required for composing any formation. For approval of any setup one needs to portray a reasonable strength of head-count. 

9) To satisfy their ego, 99% people are encouraged to participate in contribution in all activities as per their capability even $1. 

10) There is no chance to consider or address the miseries of 99% people in this whole arrangement. Because their financial contribution is almost negligible. 

11) 99% people are not aware of their strength of head-count. So it is 'legitimate' to use their presence in any way. 

12) Government pays some limited amount to unemployed and children, which is not sufficient to meet their reasonable minimum expenditures. So each person is forced and pushed to work with a very unseen thrust. 

13) No one has time to understand and analyse the complication of the fabric / system.

14) Government, professionals, business group, people; all entities are 'happy'. Because all their religious, cultural, entertainment, communal aspirations are 'addressed' to some 'extent'. Education becomes least or no priority because this new immigrant culture is pretty much set and customized for odd jobs.

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