Community Building Dialogue 

A group of community elites discussed the community challenges and came up with following proposals; 

There are hundreds of religious centers in Toronto and other cities. It has been realized that time is very close when each center would be able to take responsibility of one specialized service in community building. 

New immigrants or any professional would be able to get professional consultation from this platform to develop his / her career in own field of interest with full confidence. 

Each professional would be encouraged to enhance and utilize his / her capabilities to step forward to serve the humanity and / or build their business commercially. 

The idea is to foster and cater the capabilities of professionals to the maximum extent.

The reference of  religious centers is virtual, not physical but flexible as per willingness of the management.

Suggestions would be received through email; please write your field of interest, experience, references, willing to contribute (time and / or experience), expectation. 

Proposed Names of the Movement; 

willing to serve humanity, 
wish to utilize my capability, 
thinking for change, 
community resources group, 
community resources association, 
community resources alliance, 
community resources foundation, 
community resources council, 
community resources partners,
community resources network,
Together We Succeed,
You are not alone,
Help is Here,
Talent Resource Center,
Capability Resource Center, . .... 

Please write down your concept for name and / or idea / concept for the platform.

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  1. May consider the following names:
    Together We Succeed
    You are not alone
    Help is Here