The One Habit That Can Transform Your Life Forever 

Hard work is the substitute of 100 qualities, cover for 100 weaknesses. 

Devotion makes you fighter, gives you eagle vision. the real meaning of life. It creates burning desire, tirelessness.

You can learn about thought process. Heart thinks about sacrifice, mind thinks self.

Purposeful life, you have to make and exercise. 

Kindhearted, thoughtful, considerate will be religious.

Judgmental, suspicious will be opposite, not religious. 

Some rich people have no humanity / credit. 

You will find many wise and learned people with no resources. 

Ignorance creates perception of no reality (in business, relation, life). Knowledge guides you to perception of reality.

Leader must have different type of exposures / experiences. 

You can filter your input (what you listen, what you think, what you see, what you know). 

Don’t be trapped by instant opinion (that is mind perception, wait for heart perception).

Inspiration gives you different vision and thinking. 

To comprehend purpose of life, it is important that you read the books, connect yourself with great people and it’s very easy. If you don’t find, be one. 

Work on your presentation and communication skills, it will help you to grow.

Avoiding fights, conflicts; adapting forgiveness is very easy when we remember death. 

Life is one time, today is only one time; believing it will give your life purpose. 

Live your life with unique approach. 

It’s possible to change the thought process. 

To get Success highway, we need clarity and a guidance and coach is very helpful. 

Blossoming thoughts are from Almighty. Disappointments are from devil (Satan). 

There is always room for improvement. Use that.

Your self is very important. Try to make your image like that people have good remembering of you. Be most pious, most cooperative, most appreciative, most positive, most forgiving. He is not thankless. 

Counsel and guide can clean screen of your vehicle. Honest businessman has high rank in religious traditions. 

Worth to spend time to attend learned people. Your students are your children.

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